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Immerse Yourself in The Healing Power Of Nature

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT)

Powerful reduction of pain and inflammation, supports recovery from Neurological disorders, Stroke, Diabetes, Autism, Fractures, Sports Injuries and many other conditions. Encourages systemic regeneration and can be used for its Anti-Ageing effects. Breathe pure oxygen and feel the benefits of extra energy and vitality. Home Rental can be arranged, which includes training and support.

Far Infra Red Sauna and Dome Therapy

This is not a normal sauna Cabin. This sauna uses Far Infra Red light therapy to produce powerful prolonged sweating to detoxify the body from harmful chemicals. Cardiovascular conditioning for heart and blood vessel support. Clinically proven to relieve 49 ailments/conditions. If you prefer to lay down, we have a Far Infrared Dome, with Tourmaline crystals which heat up emitting Far Infrared Light whilst you relax. Ask for the Dome or Cabin when you book in.

Lucia No3 Hypnogogic light experience

Lucia N°03 is a neurostimulator, which combines a stroboscope (flickering light), with a constant light, creating intense worlds of colour and shape, a sense of leaving the body, allowing for an impressive individual light experience that is different every time. Lucia N°03 allows for a transcendental experience and consequently triggers the same positive effects. Wave patterns in the EEG are created that would usually only appear after several years of meditation practice.

Low Level Light Therapy

Deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms, increase circulation, stimulate release of ATP, promote cell regeneration, speed up healing process, relieve pain in nerves and help to detoxify the body. Also is effective at stress reduction and relaxation with a compilation of Quantum, Solfeggio, Schumann frequencies and more, supporting the natural healing phase of the body. It can also target anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.


As part of Silver/ Gold Membership packages or booked as stand alone sessions.

Blood and Hair Testing also available

Bioresonance, Allergy Testing

Bicom Bioresonance is both a screening tool and a therapeutic treatment for allergies, parasites, hormonal disturbances, EMF's, immune system conditions and so much more. Pain free, quick and effective. Safe for children too. Specific conditions can be treated using the Bicom device over time to restore the frequency of the organ or tissue to a healthy state.

Bioresonance Tracker – Health Screening and Therapy

The NLS TRACKER is a kind of Pathomorphology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Phamacology, Organ preparation, Nutraceuticals and analysis system of clinical medical database. Bio-resonance or NLS-diagnostics aim at obtaining information about the state of your health using computer and special programs. The data about an objective state of body tissues, cells, chromosomes and even hormones are being transmitted in real-time and instantly decoded in the form of specific diagnoses and recommendations.

Nerve Express – Health Screening

The Nerve-Express is a fully automatic, non-invasive computer-based system designed for quantitative assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and level of physical fitness (Fitness Score ) based on R-R intervals Variability (HRV) analysis. The Nerve-Express is a unique method of Fitness Score assessment, providing Fitness evaluating for 3-4 min during simple Orthostatic intervention. Fitness Score levels as 91 different physiological states, depend on 2 parameters: - Adaptability level and Functional Capacity level. The Nerve-Express objectively and reliably evaluates Fitness Score and the state of ANS in ``real-time`` (up to 24 hours) as well as during Orthostatic test and Valsalva maneuver combined with Deep Breathing.

Heart Math Training

HeartMath will help you to transform your stress into resilience, to achieve higher levels of performance and to live your life with more heart, health and happiness. HeartMath is a system of simple and powerful self-regulation techniques which are easy to learn and designed to be used “in the moment”, whatever the situation, meaning that you can bring your best self to your personal, social and professional lives. We discovered that heart rhythms offer a powerful reflection of our inner state. During stress, our heart rhythms become chaotic, stress hormones are released and brain activity changes, making rational thinking harder. Adding Heart empowers us to shift into a more balanced state from which we can then use positive emotions to benefit perception, rational thinking and communication. It’s simple and powerful and with practice the impact can be profound.


Personalised and unique approach to health and wellbeing

Unique Bespoke Approach

Energy Matrix Sessions are unique to YOU. Your session or course of sessions may include any if not all of the therapies listed. It is likened to peeling an onion, layer by layer, using the most effective form/s of therapeutic interventions in a particular order or combined until reaching the core issue/s to bring about the greatest level of healing possible at this time in your life. Sessions may include: Energy Matrix Healing, Low Level Light Therapy, Lucia no 3, Bicom Bioresonance scan, Heart Math, Physiotherapy, Sports Thai Massage, Reiki Healing, Past Life Regression, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Crystal Light Therapy, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Myofascial Release, Ear Acupuncture, Foot/hand Reflex zones, Blood Testing and Hair Analysis Testing. Supplement advice and lifestyle advice.

Energy Matrix Healing

Energy Matrix Healing is empowering, the focus is to facilitate YOU in connecting to your own true wisdom and not to become dependent on anyone or anything external to deliver the truth, the cure, the path. To become free from the Matrix, the conditioning. This is done by enabling the inner voice of you to have a voice, the part that has ‘the answers’ to be heard, to be validated, for you to be honest with yourself without fear of ridicule. The process is an unravelling, a search into the deepest darkest aspects of soul, experiences, fears, resentments, blocks, patterns, self-sabatage and at the other end of the spectrum a deep dive into to the greatest grandest versions, potentials, self love, and god connections unapologetically exploring deepest desires and timelines. And everything in between.

Holistic Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Rehab

Holistic Physiotherapy is an integrated approach to health, utilising both orthodox and complementary medicine to restore the whole person to a state of wellbeing. Physiotherapy traditionally alleviates neuro – musculo - skeletal injuries and disorders, but Holistic Physiotherapy addresses these alongside your general health, whilst considering contributing factors such as stress, depression, the environment, nutrition, and hydration status. Kinesiology is utilized as an assessment tool to determine the principal priorities of the body. MRI Scan referrals can be made if required. Registered with selected Private Healthcare Companies such as AXA PPP & WPA. Physiotherapy treatment courses are available.

Sports Thai Massage

Sports Thai Massage is performed on the floor on your clothed body and involves a series of exquisite stretches which eliminate tension, improve flexibility, enhance sports performance and help to maintain a pain-free healthy body. It is designed to stretch muscles a little more than they would normally under the action of strongly contracting antagonistic muscles. It is a highly effective therapy for treating a range of pathological conditions of the musculo-skeletal system such as lower back pain, sciatica, tendonitis etc.

Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiki Healing

Reiki is an art of healing by touch, a way of channelling the Life Force energy to restore perfect balance to the body on all levels, healing not only physical disorders, but also emotional and mental problems, as it opens the mind to the causes of disease and pain, helping with their elimination. It can also be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth. Reiki brings wholeness and integration, harmony and freedom, making us aware of unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging processes that hinder our lives, preventing it from flowing happily and freely. Reiki sets us free and enables us to be who we really are, and to do what we are here to do, allowing our life to flow unrestrictedly towards wholeness, happiness and self-fulfilment. It heals and strengthens us, opens our heart to love and compassion, and frees our life.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Therapy is based on the premise that memories from your past lives are held in the subconscious mind influencing your subconscious responses to situations in your current life. Once these are accessed, positive change can be elicited. Hypnosis and NLP can be used to regress a person back to a previous life, bringing clarity, releasing deeply held trauma and the emotional energy associated with the event, where an understanding can be gained from a higher detached perspective and the wisdom brought forward. This heals the symptoms currently presenting in this life.

Touch for Health® Kinesiology

Touch for Health® Kinesiology (TFHK) is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy for greater comfort, vitality and enjoyment of your life. Kinesiology is a system of healing that use manual muscle bio-feedback to determine which stimuli stress the body and how that stress can be decreased. Using supportive dialogue, positive goal-setting and creative visualisation, accessing mental/emotional and sensory/associative aspects of memory, posture & energy make TFH balancing profound, effective and meaningful. Kinesiology is a combination of western style muscle testing, anatomy and physiology, traditional Chinese 5 element theory, meridians and energy balancing. Goal setting can be used with specific energy points targeted on the body to clear negative conditioning and replace with positive thought patterns, resulting in increased health of mind, body and spirit.

Hynotherapy & NLP

Hypnosis utilises REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or the dream state, therapeutically and you remain relaxed and focussed throughout, choosing to participate in the session or withdraw at will. Hypnotherapy is not designed to force anyone to do anything against their will, this in fact is not possible. The Hypnotherapist facilitates you to make the changes you desire in your life, it centres on empowering you. Stop Smoking Sessions are available.

Crystal Light Therapy

Using crystalline energy facilitates the break-up and release of energy blockages within your electromagnetic energy field that may be hindering you from moving forward. Crystal Light Therapy is a highly spiritual and authentic body, mind & soul treatment. Crystal Light Therapy uses the combination of crystals, guided imagery, and sound to focus light frequencies into the physical body. By raising the vibration of the human energy field, emotional energy blocks are released allowing one to experience the realm of unconditional love. This awareness expansion realization combined with massage creates a feeling of balance and harmony. By vibrating the crystals (creating a piezoelectrical effect), the chakra centres can be cleared, balanced, and re-aligned with the universal healing energy of Divine Light.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are tinctures of flowers, trees, crystals and vibrations held in water and traditionally taken under the tongue, rubbed on pulse points, placed on the meridians and chakras, added to a bath or sprayed in the air or around yourself. Their energy helps us emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to understand, acknowledge and develop a self understanding of ourselves and support us whilst we make necessary changes to the way we behave, the way we think and make the most of the opportunities we have in life.


Homeopathy has been around for over 250 years and was first discovered by a German doctor called Samuel Hahnemann. It is a gentle but powerful form of medicine that works by stimulating the body's own immune system into healing itself. Muscle testing is employed to find your priority remedy or remedies. The basic principle of homeopathy is ‘like cures like'. It treats the ‘whole person' and not just the illness and takes into account past and present illnesses, emotional and physical well being, likes and dislikes and family history. Can be used in Acute or Chronic instances and safe for use in pregnancy and for babies.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds muscles and individual fibres, which can impede movement and cause discomfort. Myofascial release is a form of manual therapy that aims to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain and visceral tissue by releasing fascial tension and restrictions. Techniques can be direct or indirect and combined with other physical or mental techiques to deactive or reactive areas which are out of balance.


Shop is stocked full of the highest quality supplements, crystals, White Sage and orthopaedic goods.

Kim Harrold Therapies

Kim practises Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage and Indian Head Massage. A combination of two Therapies in one session is very beneficial providing a feeling of deep relaxation and comfort. Contact us on 07903 663953 for information on booking with Kim Harrold.

Scenar Waves with Aiga Zepa-Petrova

The SCENAR enables Aiga to communicate directly with a client’s central nervous system, stimulating the natural adaptive processes of the body and nervous system so that the body can heal itself. The SCENAR sends electronic impulses through the nerve fibres, causing the brain to release a measured dose of the body’s own powerful internal pharmacy of bio-active compounds directly to the site of pain. Included in this is are neuropeptides, some of the most powerful pain relief agents the body produces, and widely regarded as some of the most powerful healing compounds. Aiga also provides Bamboo Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Indian Head Massage treatments. Contact 07903 663953 for information.

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Reiki Healing Training Courses

Usui Reiki Ryoho courses Levels 1 - 4. Train for your own personal self care or complete a Professional certification to become a Reiki Practitioner, Reiki-Master Practitioner or Reiki Master-Teacher. Please see our Reiki Training courses section of the website.

Meditation and Breathwork



Our Talks, Events, Workshops and Courses, include Reiki Training and self development workshops.<br /> These are posted on our telegram group, please contact us to be added to the group

Members Complimentary Treatment Day – 6th December

Bronze member – Low level Light session (LLLT) or Inversion therapy (Total time 20mins)

Silver member – LLLT plus either Far Infrared therapy or Inversion therapy (Total time 40 mins)

Gold member – LLLT plus Far Infrared therapy and either Inversion therapy or Lucia No 3 (Total time 60 mins)

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